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Ultra Ballroom - The Journey
Ultra Ballroom - The Inside story
The success and enjoyment of our ballroom events is down to a huge team effort. From the moment you click on the link to take part the team are working hard towards your amazing evening.  The event night itself is the culmination of hard work and commitment by so many people who work tirelessly to […]
Ultra Ballroom GLitz and Glamour
The Glitz and the Glamour
One of the biggest attractions of ballroom dancing has to be (as well as learning to master those steps and float or spin across the dance floor) the utter glamour of it all. It’s an opportunity to dress up and put on the best makeup and add as much sparkle as you can possibly find. […]
Training, support and the Ultra Ballroom process
At Ultra Ballroom we offer a unique opportunity to give you the chance to learn to ballroom dance in 8 weeks. We know that you may think this seems a huge task but it is possible and we have done it at many events across the country with great success. Each city will vary slightly […]
Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance
Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance
At a time when our physical and mental well being is more important than ever, we are conscious that we need to look after ourselves and do what we need to do to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle and manage that important balance. The choices we make to do that are individual and personal […]
How to start ballroom dancing?
How to start ballroom dancing
We have journeyed through the history of ballroom, we have learned all about the ballroom dances and the Latin and specialist dances. We have given you an insight into the ballroom world so we are sure that you now want to get to the point where you take your first dance steps towards the Ballroom. […]
The Salsa Dance Ultra Ballroom
The Specialist Dances
In the last two blogs, we have talked about the Ballroom and Latin dances and I hope we have managed to answer lots of your questions on those. In addition to these, there are speciality dances that we see on Strictly, these add variety, challenge and they require a different set of skills.  They are: […]
What Are The Different Types of Latin Dances
What Are The Different Types of Latin Dances?
So we have talked about the Ballroom dances in our previous post and of course, we can’t leave out the Latin. On the opposite side of the dance spectrum, the Latin is vivacious, sparkling and with very particular styles and techniques. The costumes are dramatic and more daring (there will be a post going into […]
What are the different types of ballroom dance?
What are the different types of ballroom dance?
We continue the amazing journey into the world of Ballroom. You have read about the history of ballroom in the last blog and where it all began and I am sure you still have so many questions. We are dazzled every time we watch Strictly Come Dancing at all the variety of dances we see. […]
The History of Ballroom Dancing
The History of Ballroom Dancing
So… there you are sitting down watching Strictly…the dancers look amazing the music has your feet tapping and you can totally imagine yourself there…the sequins, the costumes, the amazing partner and definitely the fake tan! As you are watching and being transported to the magical world of ballroom dancing suddenly your mind is filled with […]