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Strictly as we know it …
We all know that Christmas is approaching when strictly starts to hit our screens. We make it a weekly event…some people even have scorecards and let’s not forget the frantic texting between friends as we all become ballroom experts! So what is the history of this show in the format that we now know? What […]
Strictly a Spectacular Story
It’s Strictly the best! Possibly one of the single most influential reasons for the revival and the growth of Ballroom and Latin dance in the last 17 years (and in the 42 years before that too !) has been the incredible Strictly Come Dancing on television. It is not a new concept by any means […]
The Cheeky Charleston!
We all love the Charleston when it appears on Strictly – it’s guaranteed to make us smile with its goofy expressions, energetic slapstick moves and its great themes. It has been around in various forms since the 1920s and has developed so much along the way. It has also been one of the dances that […]
Let’s get dancing again… the first steps to getting moving after a difficult year…
Lockdown and restrictions have meant so many different things to us all. It’s been tough across the board on our mental and physical well-being. With changes and probably the greatest freedoms that we have known in a while just around the corner, it’s now or never that we need to address our health and happiness […]
Ultra Events have raised £22 million pounds for CRUK so far. This money funds life-saving research which will bring more hope to the progress it has already made. We know that the people that take part in our events do so for many different reasons, they might want to get fit, learn a new skill […]
Jumping in to the Jive!
In the last blog we talked about achieving that perfect frame that we see in so many of the classic ballroom dances. It’s a whole different look and feel for many of the other dances in the latin style, particularly with the Jive. When you take part in the Ultra Ballroom experience you are offered […]
Fabulous frame
So if you have read the previous blog you will have seen that our own posture will improve if we start to be aware of how we sit, walk and stand in daily life and also this will lead to better movement and frame when we come to dance. Very often we hear on Strictly […]
Perfect Posture!
How many times when we are watching strictly do we hear the judges talking about posture and frame? So many times! The elegance of the Ballroom dancers is crucial to creating that true style and without it there is always something missing. The posture and frame not only make the dance look good they also […]
Ultra Ballroom - The Journey
Ultra Ballroom - The Inside story
The success and enjoyment of our ballroom events is down to a huge team effort. From the moment you click on the link to take part the team are working hard towards your amazing evening.  The event night itself is the culmination of hard work and commitment by so many people who work tirelessly to […]