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Health Benefits of Ballroom Dance

At a time when our physical and mental well being is more important than ever, we are conscious that we need to look after ourselves and do what we need to do to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle and manage that important balance.

The choices we make to do that are individual and personal to each of us. If you have an interest in dance then the benefits of learning and taking part are huge and we are sure that you will recognise the difference and the improvements to your mood and physical well being in a short period of time.

At Ultra Events we are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and challenging your mind to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to have amazing experiences. We also want you to see what a difference learning a new skill will make to you now and in the future. The Ultra Ballroom experience is one you will never forget and the friendships, health changes and memories will be with you forever.

What are the health benefits of learning to Ballroom dance?

Dancing itself supports your physical fitness in many ways. It helps to improve balance and coordination, promotes greater flexibility and can in some cases reduce joint stiffness. It can keep the body conditioned and strengthens the limbs, this, in turn, will help you to be physically fit for other activities and benefit your whole lifestyle.

The sense of travel and direction required in Ballroom dance also has the benefit of improving your general movement and spatial awareness.  Along with a healthy, nutritious diet, it can also support weight loss.

“For me Ultra ballroom took me on a journey towards doing something I’d always dreamed of doing. My mood was lifted dramatically by coming to the training sessions and it gave me and Oli the opportunity to meet new people and do something together as a couple! I also lost half a stone during training so became fitter and healthier too “

Tammi – Leicester January 2018

Ultra Ballroom - Leicester January 2018
Ultra Ballroom – Leicester January 2018

From the perspective of your mental health dance will help you focus on a positive and creative skill. The socialisation required for ballroom – whether that is with a partner or in a group will support your understanding and consideration of others both for their similarities and their differences. Dance lifts your mood and can also ease anxiety. Studies have shown that people that usually suffer from social anxiety find dancing a release and enables them to express themselves in a physical way that is easier than ordinary social interaction.

“Dance makes me feel free from my inhibitions… Dance enhances my mental and physical health … Connecting with others and enjoying being creative and alive!!!! “

Andy – Leicester 2019

Ultra Ballroom - Leicester April 2019
Ultra Ballroom – Leicester April 2019

Recent studies have also connected a lifting in depression with regular dance classes. The happiness felt even after the dancing is measurable and can last for some time afterwards. The connection with others, the release of feel-good hormones, the opportunity to express and be creative all support a sense of self-worth and confidence.

Over the 8 weeks of free training that Ultra Ballroom provides, the transformations we have seen have been incredible and moving in many ways. I think this final quote sums up the benefits, the reasons why someone might do this and the powerful changes that can undergo a person in such a short space of time.

“I loved dance classes as a child from the age of 4 until I got to an age where I became conscious of my looks and body image. So gave it all up and as a teen, I struggled with my confidence. As an adult, I’ve always tried to push myself to overcome my fears and finding a challenge that I thought I’d love with a great charity close to my heart was amazing. The first meeting was so hard on my own but seeing lots of people in the same position was reassuring and Ginnette the trainer made me feel so much at ease. After a few sessions, I could feel my confidence slowly improving, it was so uplifting to realise people were there for a good time but also wanted to do their very best. I looked forward to every class and what I might learn next, it brought back lots of childhood memories. On the actual Ultra Ballroom day, getting ready for the night I had a great sense of achievement and felt rather special getting ready for it all, hair, makeup, outfit etc. I was a bag of nerves but once our dance was over I wanted to do it again and my family were so proud of me. I made a lot of friends too!”

Jennie – Leicester Dec 2018

Ultra Ballroom - Leicester December 2018

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