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How to start ballroom dancing

We have journeyed through the history of ballroom, we have learned all about the ballroom dances and the Latin and specialist dances. We have given you an insight into the ballroom world so we are sure that you now want to get to the point where you take your first dance steps towards the Ballroom.

In this blog post, we are going to talk to you about how you could learn to Ballroom dance. There are so many questions that we are sure you might be asking, so let us go through some of them.

Can I learn to Ballroom dance?

The simple answer to that is YES! Anyone can learn to Ballroom dance, it’s a dance style that has been popular for so many years and thrives today.

Is Ballroom dance easy?

There are so many parts to the process of learning anything new and it’s the same with the steps in Latin and Ballroom, some are more difficult than others but if you are patient and committed, take on board the information your trainer gives you then it will be possible.

Some parts of the learning process will be easier than others like anything we try to do for the first time, but it will be worth it. There is something about moving across the dance floor, mastering the steps and the hold that is just magical…as we said before in our previous blog post, learning a new skill is an attitude of mind, you need the desire to learn, the willingness to try and the commitment to the process. If you sign up for the Ultra Ballroom experience your trainer will work with you from the start, teaching you the basic steps and posture then moving on to choreography until you have created between you a dance that you can perform at the end of the 8 weeks training at an amazing glamorous black-tie event. You will have the satisfaction of learning a new skill, raising money for Cancer Research UK and experiencing the unbeatable feel-good factor that only dancing gives you.

How can I learn to Ballroom dance?

If you sign up for the Ultra Ballroom event via the website you will be invited to a registration meeting to learn all about the process. You will be told what you will be given and what is expected of you. We offer 8 weeks of free training with fantastic teachers who will coach and support you every dance step of the way. You will experience something that will be a FAB U LOUS !

What are the basic element and steps of Ballroom dance?

This is a hard question to answer because there are so many for each individual one. All the dances have different styles and require different posture, technique and abilities. (There is some information about the dances in Blogs 2.3 and 4) You can read our previous blog posts about the different types of ballroom dancethe different types of Latin dances and the specialist dances.

The Ballroom dances all need basic elements of footwork specific to each dance. As a general overview, in Ballroom dance, the “Hold” and the posture of the dancers is really important and makes a difference to the way each dance is performed, in the Waltz for example the “Frame” is essential for the partners to move together seamlessly and glide smoothly across the floor, the use of sway is so important in the foxtrot and the quickstep is fast and precise…and so it goes on.

The Latin or Speciality dances require so many different postures, all different and all particular to them to identify the various styles. In the Jive you are up on the balls of the feet and leaning forward. In the Charleston it’s very free and the swivel must be there, the Argentine Tango is full of drama and suspense and sharp footwork.

Every Ultra Ballroom event has a choice of two dances for you, there are usually two weeks to learn a little of both so you can then make a choice as to which you will carry on mastering and become your star performance! Here are some of our past participants with their Jive, waltz, Charleston and American Smooth.

What qualities or skills might a Latin or Ballroom dancer need?

Everyone can bring their own qualities and skills to their dance. We tend to find that peoples personalities draw them to a particular style. For the smooth Ballroom dances, you will need to have or learn good control of your body and concentration on footwork, your bubbly and energetic side will lend itself to the Jive or the Charleston its all down to you. The key thing about learning is that you gain the skill along the way, you don’t start with it, believe you can do it, want to do it and you are halfway there.

How long does it take to learn to Ballroom dance?

Ultra Ballroom offers a golden opportunity to learn a ballroom or Latin dance in 8 weeks. Just sign up and come along to the registration meeting and you will receive all the details of how this works and how you can develop a great skill, be part of a glamorous event at a fabulous venue. You will be introduced by a professional Master of Ceremonies, dance to amazing sound and light and raise money for Cancer Research UK, all this in front of your cheering friends and family. What an opportunity! That surely deserves a 10!

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