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Perfect Posture!

How many times when we are watching strictly do we hear the judges talking about posture and frame? So many times!

The elegance of the Ballroom dancers is crucial to creating that true style and without it there is always something missing. The posture and frame not only make the dance look good they also enable the dancers to work beautifully together and move effortlessly around the dancefloor.

Good posture is not only imperative for Ballroom dancers but in everyday life good stance and how you carry yourself has enormous health benefits and leads to improvements in so many ways. At Ultra Ballroom we are passionate about everyone trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and making the best of themselves so over the next two blogs we are going to look at firstly how to improve your posture in everyday life and then how to create that amazing Ballroom frame that has the judges raising their 10 paddles





We are now a nation of people who spend a good deal of time at the wheel of our cars, sitting at a desk or in front of computers. We have been spending more time recently on the sofa watching the TV or on our phones, so this has led to us slouching, slumping or leaning – none of which helps our spinal health in the long run. In this blog we are going to look at how to improve your posture on a daily basis for everyday life with some really basic steps that will all lead long term posture improvement and how we move and feel. So… let’s all sit up, take note and make ourselves feel 10 feet tall!!





Our spine and how we look after it affects the whole of our body. Most have experienced some form of backache in our lives and know the impact that that has so it is important we take care of it.  If we are learning to dance then the spine is really where it all begins before we even start to move.

If you want to improve your posture there are simple things you can do to help this, the first is awareness… yes, just by simply thinking about how you stand and sit you will immediately start to correct bad posture.





Time to think about these simple things,

  • If you work at a desk is your chair straight to the desk, are your feet flat on the floor and is the chair close to the desk so you aren’t leaning forward or overarching the lower spine. Adjust the back of your chair so it supports your spine. Correct these and keep correcting with checks every day and it will have huge benefits.
  • Every so often during the day pause for a few seconds and consider how you are sitting or standing, adjust and feel the difference. When you are standing having a conversation is your weight on both feet or leaning on one hip? When you drive do you sit more to one side than the other? Take a few seconds to correct.
  • Habits develop without us noticing and can lead to long-term bone or muscle issues. Stand with both feet equally placed and your spine straight and lifted and you will feel taller and more aligned
  • Try not to stay in the same position for too long, if you are sitting then get up and take a walk around and stretch every 45 minutes or so.


If you want to improve the way you stand and walk then simply follow these basic rules…


  • Eyes up! Don’t look at the floor, look the world in the eye, you will see more people smiling at you – smiling relaxes the muscles in your face and neck and leads you to ease the tension in your shoulders
  • Stand straight then lift a little taller from the top of your head this immediately improves your posture, takes pressure off your spine and helps your core.
  • You can do this, the better you feel about the way you move the difference you will feel and others will notice, carrying tension in your neck, shoulders and back will restrict the movement that you want to find, let go and feel confident that your improved posture will improve your dancing!!!


Time to go and put this into practice before we move on to the next Blog all about Ballroom frame.



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