Performance Video – Silver Package – Ultra Ballroom

Performance Videos

The perfect way to remember your big night. Our performace video package give Ultra Ballroom participants the perfect opportunity to capture their dance. Choose from three different packages to capture differing levels of your event. This is only offered at limited events.

Performance Video – Silver Package


What you get:

  • Gopro footage of your dance

Example Video

To make filming viable we need sufficient interest in the event for us to make filming possible. If there is not enough interest your purchase will be refunded in full.

Orders close 1 week prior to your event. So please tell everyone in your group to guarantee you get your video.

The prices listed above are priced per couple, not per dancer. You only need to make one purchase per couple.

Note: It’s possible to purchase your video after the event(if filming goes ahead) but an additional fee of £30 will be added to the total amount.

  • How will I receive my video?
    We will send you a password protected link to download the video.
  • Where can I share the video?
    Once you have downloaded the video you can post it freely where you like.
  • When will I receive my video?
    Typically about 2-3 weeks after the event (dependent on demand).
  • Can both me and my partner download the video?
    Yes you can download the video as many times as you want.
  • What happens if I pull out of the competition?
    You will receive a partial refund of 90%.
  • If we need to refund because not enough people want a video, how long will this take to receive our refund?
    Between 5-10 working days from the final dance event.
  • Can we pay any other way?
    Payment can only be made via this page and making an online transfer.