Training, support and the Ultra Ballroom process – Ultra Ballroom

Training, support and the Ultra Ballroom process

At Ultra Ballroom we offer a unique opportunity to give you the chance to learn to ballroom dance in 8 weeks. We know that you may think this seems a huge task but it is possible and we have done it at many events across the country with great success. Each city will vary slightly but the general format is the same.

Even before you have taken your first step on the Ultra Ballroom journey we have a dedicated team of people who have worked hard to prepare and support your time with us and to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Our marketing team at head office will have ensured that you have seen the advert and it is accessible through all social media channels. By the time you have clicked on the link, Gemma would have already planned in dates for training and engaged the best possible coach for you. She will have booked the venue for training and the event venue, a professional master of ceremonies along with light and sound companies for your special evening, all hired to give you the best introduction on the night and to make you feel like a star.

Any emails you send will go straight to our dedicated team member Nicole and she will reply to the queries you have. This website holds lots of information for you and is continually updated and Ashley will ensure that the content is relevant, helpful and interesting.

Once you have signed up to Ultra Ballroom you will be given lots of information about what is expected and what to expect, the amount we would like you to raise for Cancer Research UK and the ticket sales requirement. You will be invited to a registration meeting and will receive a text message reminder from your area representative for Ultra Events.

The Registration Meeting

This usually happens the week before the training begins. It is really important to make every effort to attend. It will be your opportunity to meet your area representative from Ultra Events, your dance trainer and past participants may also be there.

Your area representative will go through lots of information on how the training works, how the event day will be, what your commitment needs to be and your obligations regarding tickets and fundraising. You will also be told about how the whole of Ultra Events was started by Jon and his ethos and aspirations for great experiences and raising money for an amazing cause.

You will be told about your dedicated CRUK representative who can be contacted to help you set up your JustGiving page and help with materials for any additional fundraising you may do at work or with friends. You will receive a fundraising pack that will support you to raise as much money as possible for CRUK.

If your trainer is at the meeting they will talk through the sessions that you will have and what the timetable looks like, they will also let you know where the training will take place and what days and times.

This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to ask any questions, to meet the people you are going on this incredible journey with and maybe find someone to partner with if you have come alone. This is the start of building the team.

Ultra Ballroom Training Group

The Training

The training is held over 8 weeks and will vary depending on your location but will follow this general format.

Week 1 & 2
You will have training for the first two weeks as a whole group. In those weeks you will be taught the basics of two ballroom dances, this is so you can decide which one you want to perform at the event. Your trainer will give you music options for you to choose from for whichever dance style you will perform.

It is really important to commit to as many of the training sessions as you can, not just for your own benefit but for your partner too.

Ultra Ballroom partners training for an event.

For you to perfect your dances you will probably want to practice with your partner outside of the sessions too. Most trainers will also offer the opportunity to take up paid private tuition if this is something you want to do.

Weeks 3 to 7
Having made the choice of your dance it’s now time to concentrate on that and focus on learning steps for the dance you will perform at the event.

You will be training in your dedicated dance style group, learning more steps being given tips on style, technique and putting your choreography together. You will have your partner and your trainer will be here every step of the way encouraging you and coaching you with new steps and choreography.

8 weeks free training from Ultra Events for the Ultra Ballroom

The last week of training is usually an opportunity for the whole group to come back together, perform their dances and run through how the event evening will be. Often the trainers will have choreographed a group dance for all the participants to dance at the start of the event. This is a great chance on the evening to be seen by all your friends and family who are watching and perform with the whole team. The excitement will be building as the goal is in sight. You will have thought about hair, makeup and costumes (many of the participants buy theirs from CRUK charity shops, it’s a great way of giving extra support.)

Large group taking part in Ultra Ballroom dance training.

It’s your time to shine…

The Event
The glamorous black-tie event will be the highlight of your experience. All your hard work will have led to this chance for you to show all your friends and family what you have achieved. From the feedback that we have had over the years the evening is unforgettable for both the participants and for all of those that are watching.

Don’t forget that every moment along the way the Ultra Events team have been working tirelessly to ensure the very best experience possible. Everything that you see throughout the training and on the event night will have happened because of their dedication. We mentioned at the start all the things that happen before you start training and as well as all of that much more continues to happen right up to the event night. The team will have engaged the services of professionals from the industry to be the judges on the night, produced the trophies that everyone receives, packed the paddles (oh yes those scoring paddles will be there!)  there will even be a professional photographer to capture your triumph and the excitement and pride of your friends and families.

The atmosphere on the night is created by the audience that is there to support you. The ticket sales requirement is essential for a number of reasons, one of those is to give you that support on the night and why wouldn’t you want to show off all your hard work and share the great news on your fundraising?

Ultra Ballroom event night.

There will be an incredible high for you on the night and that only happens through the hard work you have put in, the support, hard work and dedication of the whole Ultra Team. You have achieved something incredible all because you have stepped out of your comfort zone, become fitter, worked so hard and learnt so much, they will be memories that last a lifetime.


“The whole Ultra Ballroom experience was a mixture of feelings, exciting, uplifting, nerve-wracking, physically challenging. I was so glad I signed up as I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, plus it gives a sense of achievement knowing you have helped to raise money for a great charity.”

Duncan , Chesterfield 2019

Duncan, Chesterfield 2019
Duncan, Chesterfield 2019

Begin your Ultra Ballroom journey today by signing up for an event near you!

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