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Why The Strictly final was so special and so important this year…

The finalists

I know that so many people cried through so much of Strictly final 2021, it was an emotional show for so many reasons, and many of those resonated with so many people across the country and indeed the world.


In this series, we saw both diversity and equality represented strongly and positively but there was so much more than that …


Rose gave so many an insight into a world of silence, there was the largest uptake to learn sign language across the country with people wanting to expand the accessibility of those who suffer from hearing impairment. awareness was heightened of living with constraints that are delivered through hearing impairment. She and indeed Giovanni raised awareness of the challenges that it brings but even more crucially what can be overcome.

The very essence of dancing is the movement to music and finding a way to dance and dance with a partner when the music is barely audible is a creditable achievement.


The teamwork and consideration that we saw in their partnership was a testament to the desire to support someone, understand their challenges and allow them to learn something that might have been seen as inaccessible to them previously. Rose and Giovanni broke through the barriers and demonstrated to us all that so much can be achieved when the will and the mindset is on finding a way and succeeding.


John and Johannes

John and Johannes broke new ground to show the beauty of same-sex couples dancing in synchronicity and harmony… again their partnership showed mutual support and in this case their understanding of the prejudice and barriers that they had felt in their lifetime. The world of dance is continuing all the time to break down these limitations all the time. Same sex ballroom events are part of the dance circuit and this partnership can only help to further progress equality in dance.

Aj and Kai

There was another element to this final too, we saw

AJ Odudu power through the series, a non-dancer, a long-time strictly fan who on a weekly basis improved her technique and style. Her positivity and enjoyment were palpable. When injury struck in the final week and unable to compete in the final and she showed us how to take a huge setback and see nothing but the positives in the journey that she had traveled on that far. She was gracious and positive but also was honest enough to talk about her heartbreak and how disappointed she was. It was a lesson in the resilience of the human spirit and all the elements of good grace. A life lesson for us all.


All in all, the whole show encapsulated the very best of human nature, triumph over adversity, love overcoming prejudice, gratitude for the opportunity.  It showed us how we can express ourselves and lose ourselves in the beauty of dance, how it speaks without words, and how it evokes so many emotions that touch our very being.

When Rose and Giovanni danced, there was a beautiful magic in what they achieved and how they danced together, it moved so many people and has done wonders for dance and the deaf community.

In the partnership, you saw how Giovanni simply wanted for her to be happy, comfortable, and to be herself …

We all found it incredibly beautiful to see. So this was a final never to be forgotten, and one that can teach us so much, it was full of good, full of hope, and most importantly full of love.


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